How To Make Simple Clothes Look Fashionable

With the right inspiration, your closet fundamentals can actually feel fresh again.
Below, we're highlighting easy outfit ideas that take benefit of the pieces already have handy.

  1. Mix eye-catching colours and prints in an unanticipated way
  2. Cuffs on skinny jeans look best on the narrow side, since they keep the streamlined look of the fitted pants. 
  3. A crusty blazer is the perfect way to appearance off a fall work outfit.
  4. A boxy shift dress fleeces your shape and can look like it came from your mom’s closet. Knot it in the middle to pucker up all that additional fabric and totally transforms the clothing into a more figure-flattering style.
  5. Mix high and low by styling a standard blazer and button-down with a duo of cool tranquil jeans.
  6. ayering is fantastic and super easy way to look fashion-y when it’s cold outdoor and save money by looking at more use out of the pieces already in your closet.
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