How To Make Beauty Bag | DIY Beauty Bag

This beauty bag is the right place to store all your beauty favorites. The best part is that it is easy to clean and sew for long life!
You can make it at home for personal use or to be used as business material and resold.
Consider how to make this beautiful bag.

+ Laminated cotton in brown and pink
+ Vlieso´Čüx
+ Zipper 40 cm/15.75 in
+ Thread
+ Sewing clips
+ Magnet clasp
+ Sewing pins
+ Fabric scissors
+ Measuring tape
+ Marking pen
+ Ruler
+ Pattern template

If you want to get a template for making this bag, you can download it for free.

(download here for free!)

To be able to make this bag, also consider the steps that must be done. do well according to the command steps mentioned.
Read Steps.

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