Twig frame will be a great gift, if you are looking for a nice gift for family and friends or even your girlfriend, you just need to take a few photos with your smartphone, then make a collage that you like to place in this easy DIY photo frame


  1. 10 twigs of 15 cm = 6″ (adjust to your photo size; need to be longer than your photo)
  2. 10 twigs of 20 cm = 8″ (adjust to photo size; make sure they’re longer than your photo)
  3. twine
  4. scissors
  5. cutting tool (to cut the twigs to desired length)
  6. glue
  7. transparent baking paper (to attach the photo to)
  8. 1 reed tip to decorate (optional)
  9. glitter paint spray (optional)
  10. photo/collage

That is some material that must be prepared to make a pleasant surprise,
Do you know how to make it?
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