DIY Photo Frame Hanging Gold Leaf Art

It’s possible to create a place that is comfortable, welcoming and very you by using decorative, functional items in key areas.

I’ve filled the frame with a leaf decoration creating a modern look for a low price. Now is a great time for collecting foliage and pressing to use around your home as decoration. Keep it contemporary by combining it with simple statement pieces like a gold frame as I have done here.

Materials :

  1. Wooden picture frame
  2. Plated gold chain
  3. Picture frame hanging D-ring
  4. Small wood screws
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Pliers
  7. Clear drying adhesive
  8. Leaves
  9. Jump rings (optional)

Instructions : 

  1. Open up the last link on your chain using the pliers. This article shows you the correct way to do that. If the chain is soldered shut you will need a large jump ring. Open the jump ring and hook onto the chain to act as the final link.\

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