DIY Paper Photo Frames - Children Can Make It

How To Make Easy And Economical Photo Frames

Materials And How To Make it

1. Materials

  • 3 DINA4 paper (picture frame 1) or 1 DINA4 paper (picture frame 2) plain or patterned (160-300g / m²)
  • Craft adhesive or double-sided adhesive pads
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • Awl / Falzbein / butter knife / defective ballpoint pen refill
  • if necessary cutting mat as a base
  • Photo or illustration for picture frame No. 1 in the dimensions 11,5x17,5cm
  • Photo or illustration for picture frame number 2 in the dimensions 8x12cm
 2. Steps To Make a Photo Frame

  1.  Prints out the picture frame template on A4 photo paper in your desired color or pattern. Page 2 you have to print twice, page 1 only once. Use scissors to cut all the pieces along the solid line.

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