DIY Ladder Shelf Craft

Open shelving at its finest! This DIY shelf is the perfect way to upcycle that old wooden ladder for useful decor that looks like a million bucks.

We've all seen ladders repurposed as blanket racks, book stands and maybe even plant homes, but this ladder DIY will shock with its simplicity while wowing with its sophistication. We're convinced this upcycled ladder shelf will become a stunning staple in your home that everyone will be asking about.

Materials Needed

  1. wood ladder
  2. 25.75"-x-13" wood plank
  3. 28"-x-14.5" wood plank
  4. 34.75"-x-16" wood plank
  5. 41.5"-x-18" wood plank
  6. 48"-x-20" wood plank
  7. drop cloth
  8. chalk paint + paint roller
  9. sandpaper
  10. cloth
  11. drill
  12. wood screws
  13. level
  14. two-hole pipe straps
  15. clear sealing wax

Step-by-Step Shelving:
  1. Prep Wood Planks

Lay out a drop cloth to create a workstation for the project. Cut wood pieces to the desired length and lay out accordingly. The measurements listed above work for a standard-sized ladder, but if your ladder is a a different size, you may need to take your own measurements before purchasing the wood. Paint the wood in your favorite shade of chalk paint, and let dry.


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