If you have a toddler, one of the things you probably noticed as they crawled out of babyhood was their sudden ability to recognize people in photos. We have some larger photos that go down our hallway, and all of the sudden, our daughter Lola was saying “Da-da” and pointing at Todd in the photos every time we went from one side of the house to another. She was still at the age where we weren’t sure if she was fully recognizing her grandparents when they would come to visit, but she found a small photo album I had made this past fall and kept saying “Min-eh-mah” (i.e. Nana) and “Pops” when she came across the photo of my parents in there.


  1. small chipboard book
  2. Canon Luster photo paper
  3. Canon PIXMA MegaTank printer
  4. rubber cement glue or modpodge
  5. scissors or X-Acto knife

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