5 Small living room decor ideas

We have collected the best decorating ideas for small living rooms so that your space can be fun and functional. With a balance of color, texture and scale, your small living room will feel bigger and serve all your entertaining and lazy dreams.

1. Infuse color through decor

Although choosing a more neutral color for large parts in the living room (such as a sofa or storage section) is a great idea, you can have fun combining bright colors through smaller decoration items. Brave, bright artwork, pillows and accented chairs are easily added and packed with colorful blows in this small space without feeling arrogant. This room is balanced by bright and neutral colors in the media storage and rug, while Andre's sofa and Parsons coffee table anchor the living room in a darker color.

2. Go green

Potted trees and plants are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to decorate a small living room. They bring fresh life to a room without taking up too much space. Use modern planters, baskets or vases to upscale your greenery displays. We love how this tall fiddle-leaf fig draws the eye upward and accents the frame wall above the sofa.

3.More & smaller items (vs. one large piece)

A few smaller pieces can actually feel less cumbersome than an over-sized sofa. Look for furniture and decor that’s still appropriately scaled (more on that later) but don’t be afraid to add that accent chair or multi-functional stool/end table to carve out smaller conversation areas in an already small space. Look to different textures and fabrics for an eclectic, modern aesthetic.

4. Decorate with artistic elements

Modern metals or sophisticated shapes are a fun way to bring a fresh look to a small living room. We love the mix of stainless steel, gold and brass in this living room, along with a patterned rug and accent chair. Lean photo frames against the wall for an ultra-modern look.

5. Scale appropriately

 In general, a large furniture item or anchor piece should take up no more than two-thirds of the wall behind it. Loveseats are a smart small living room option (bonus if they double as a sleeper, like the Allston sleeper below). You can see additional items and decor follow this same recommendation: the rug extends just past the sofa, while the end table is about one-third the size of the sofa; the wall shelves are parallel with the height of the floor lamp, both of which are two-thirds the height of the wall. Together, these items create a beautiful balance of scale.


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