10 Minimalist Bedrooms for Decorating Your Home

The design of minimalism has long been a favored display for the social area of ​​the home, but the increasing popularity of low profile beds and gray palettes shows that minimalist bedrooms are catching up quickly.

This post offers 10 examples for inspiration.


Start with a number of bedrooms that rely on natural elements as their main decoration source, a warm and inviting alternative to striking aesthetics so many people associate minimalism. Exposed bricks and plants keep this bedroom simple and close to nature.


This one takes a similar approach with a textural accent wall and an emphasis on natural wood. The sculptural lighting adds a subtle artistic element to the design.


With windows like these, it makes sense to opt for a low bed to preserve line of sight. This room has a lot going on between the artwork, windows, and cabinetry so the low bed platform minimizes one source of visual clutter so the landscape can shine.


The bedroom chair you see here is the Eames plywood chair.


The feminine charm in this beautiful white bedroom is unmissable.


The black swing arm wall lamp and the bedroom pendant lights brings in contrast.


What could be more foundational (no pun intended) than concrete? Thankfully, industrial decor is quickly relinquishing its monopoly of this versatile material to include chic minimalist interiors too. This bedroom combines urban and natural influences with ease.

Here, industrial influence is a driving factor behind the perceived sense of minimalism. As an aside, textured grey paint is a great alternative to concrete for those who aren’t ready to make the commitment


This bedroom uses its expansive floorplan to make the most of a warehouse-turned-luxury-loft feeling.


Although the elements and materials in this room are inherently decorative, the unity and cohesiveness are what give it a minimalist appeal. Simple furniture is almost a necessity to ensure that a wood-clad room maintains a streamlined aesthetic.


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