9 Easy Steps to Lose Weight

For people who are overweight or obese, one of the biggest obstacles to losing weight may be the notion that it's an all-or-nothing struggle requiring drastic changes to achieve any real health benefit.

So what's the best way to get started? Here are 10 simple steps to get you in shape -- and help you look and feel better to boot.

1. Eat breakfast.

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When you miss it, your chances of overeating increase by 50%.
The solution for you who is busy, a cup of low-fat yogurt with a low-fat granola topping plus a slice of banana takes just one minute to prepare.

2. Drink Skim Milk

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The next step is to drink skim milk, you will free your heart of saturated fat (the type that your heart does not like) 5 grams per 8 ounces of pure milk.

3. Do physical activities that you like. 

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You don't always have to go to the gym or run a marathon.

4. Take time to exercise throughout the day.

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like going up a ladder to your office instead of riding an elevator, it can burn a lot of calories if you do it every day.

5. Avoid fast food. 
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because fast food is mostly very high in fat and calories. If you can't resist the urge to eat burgers, cheese or other fatty foods, order the size of a small child.

6. Manage your stress. 

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"Many people use food to overcome anxiety, unhappiness, or boredom," said Mindy Hermann, RD, a nutritionist and author of Men's Health.

7. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

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 Almost every health organization across the country makes this simple recommendation, because fruits and vegetables contain lots of nutrients and are naturally low in fat and calories.

8. Reduce drinking soda and other sweet drinks. 

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Soft drinks contain many hidden calories without making you feel full.

9. Monitor your progress.

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 People who keep track of their achievements are more likely to achieve success, according to Jane Kirby, RD, author of Dieting for Dummies.

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