8 Design Minimalist Room Decor DIY

Minimalist decor seems to be the latest trend on the block. The lesser the stuff, the neater it looks, and the easier it is to manage.

Here are some ideas that will make you want to rework your room to get rid of the mess:

1. If you have large and luxurious windows in your room, beautify the frame and add a fairy lamp.

Add two potted plants on each side of the bed. With just these two elements, your room will look fresher than ever.

2. Add fairy lights around your bed

Add a few simple frames near your bed and you will feel everything is fine.

3. Make use of the trench of the wardrobe for a simple hanging holder.

You'll be able to manage your clothes way better this way. Add some plants to your room and purchase a simple mirror that can go directly next to your open wardrobe. It'll make your life much easy and your room, beautiful.

4. This method is something very simple, just add one plant pot and one mirror in your room.

A laundry bag made of cane will also add aesthetics and will be useful.

5. Sheets and pillows are dark to give your room a warm tone.

With a couple of pillows and a bed sheet, you can actually make your room look simple and pretty.

6. Add a book stand like this one and get a big frame for your wall. 

The lamp can be the simple one that hangs from the ceiling. This way, you'll have a reading corner right in your bed. This setup is a blessing for those who love reading.

7. Do you have too many beautiful photos that are suitable for wall mounting? You can still dress your room to make it look neater.

It prioritizes keeping all frames in one corner and looking neater. Just concentrate on angles and symmetry.

8. You can totally avoid buying a bed if you can come up with a set up like this!


Hopefully this can be a way out for you, to make your home more comfortable, we think you should also know 8 Types of Lights for a Beautiful Living Room "Home decor" so that your home is more beautiful and impressive.

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