8 Best Flower Decoration Ideas

1. How to press flowers with Beci Orpin

Beci Orpin’s fourth book Sunshine Spaces has just been released and it’s full of the colour and whimsical beauty that is Beci’s trademark style. The book is bursting with DIY ideas for indoors and out and it’s all about bringing the sunshine into your life and home. I’m delighted to be able to share this lovely guide and Beci’s tips and shortcuts on how to press flowers – one of the fun projects from Sunshine Spaces.

2. How to make a fresh flower garland

A fresh flower garland isn’t as tricky to make as you might think and they are amazing statement pieces for any special occasion. Impressive and beautiful, they’ll instantly transform a space.

3. How to choose and care for indoor plants

Most of us have embraced the trend for indoor greenery over the past few years as an easy and stylish way to transform a space. Having plants around just makes you feel good too – as long as they are healthy and thriving! If you’re struggling with choosing the right indoor plants and how to care for them, help is at hand.

4. How to arrange flowers

Arranging flowers beautifully can be a daunting task,
especially if you’re going for an on trend asymmetrical look.
This week I popped into my favourite
 florist  – Jodie McGregor Flowers – and chatted to Jodie
about how to arrange flowers like a pro.

5. Nasturtium wreath

Paper flowers are beautiful and each one is unique, just as in nature. They make gorgeous handmade gift toppers – or paper flowers can be gifts in themselves.

6.Give your old plant pots a painterly designer makeover

This tutorial combines two of my current passions: indoor plants and fabulous ceramics. I have a growing collection of ceramics, and while I’d love to be able to house all my plants in handmade pots, sadly my budget won’t stretch.

7. Make a hanging flower chandelier for your next party

If you love the idea of adding a touch of theatre when you’re throwing a party – like a special birthday, engagement, or baby shower – but can’t afford expensive decorators or florist-created arrangements, it’s easier than you think to DIY.

8. DIY Totem Planter (and it’s an IKEA Hack, too!)

I’ve been obsessing over lovely ceramics with beautiful painterly glazes – you may have noticed my obsession if you’ve seen our ceramics Pinterest board. I’d love to own more pieces handmade by talented folk, but with a limited budget at the moment, I decided to make my own lookalike pot for yet another plant.

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