5 Modern Decoration Bathroom Designs

Are you bored with the design of your bathroom now?
If you feel bored, of course you want to change the design of your bathroom.
Maybe you will make a new bathroom, if you want to change the design of your old bathroom or you want to make a new bathroom, now it is in the right article because we will present an bathroom design insfiration that you can make as a reference.

Please see 5 modern bathroom designs.

1. The Golden Blend of Modern and Rustic

Shelving above the toilet is a great way to effectively use the space in a small bathroom, but the typical store-bought shelves are a bit flimsy and cheap-looking. This interesting twist on the premise is perfect for those who love rustic bathroom decor ideas. The “shelf” is really more of a frame on which you can hang a towel or a metal basket to hold things. In this case, the wood is weathered and matches the wood in the table used as a vanity. Re-purposing a small desk is a nice touch for making the sink look different, which the basket underneath still provides hidden storage.

2. Floating Pallet Shelves for Storage and Design

In a small space like this one, you don’t have much room to work with, so choosing floating shelves that completely fill the narrow space is the right choice. Since the shelves don’t have legs that need to sit on the floor, you don’t have to worry about finding space for the cleaning brush and a small trash can. Once you have these shelves, you can fill them with any type of bathroom decor you want. This homeowner has chosen a friendly message along with some practical items like extra towels and flowers to brighten up the look.

3. The Classic Black and White Theme

If you have lovely tiled walls and floors in the bathroom, you want bathroom decor ideas that will make them stand out. In this case, the tiles are white, so the dark wood around the mirror and the black faucet and drawer pulls offers a nice contrast. With a large enough sink like you see here, the flowering plant offers an opportunity to add color to the space. A holder for the hand soap and lotion and a cover for the tissue box helps keep things neat and ties these basic items in with the look.

4. Easy Storage with Mason Jars and Pallets

Some of the best bathroom ideas are the ones that are the most practical. This simple DIY idea allows you to easily contain some of the clutter you typically find in the bathroom while still having the things you regularly need close at hand. Simply attach small mason jars to a board and hang it up by the sink. You can paint the board in different colors to match the style of your bathroom. An added benefit of this is that it gets the clutter off of the sink, giving you more space in the area for other things.

5. Vintage meets Modern Design Theme

This small space also makes use of floating shelves, but since the space is a bit larger than the one in the other photo, the homeowner has chosen to use some shelves that don’t cover the enter width of the nook. This allows you to have extra space to hang photos and to place bathroom decor that’s a bit taller, like the candles you see here. Adding a matching shelf on the back of the toilet tank is an extra-nice touch that pulls the entire look together. This is great when you need bathroom decor ideas that can incorporate many of your little knick-knacks.

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