Bathrooms are mostly used for their functionality. But, why not decorate yours and make it more pleasant? There are so many ways to decorate one. If you are looking for some awesome ideas, you are on the right place. Check out these genius soap storage ideas that make great decor!

1. French Country Bathroom or Linen Closet Display

Miniature open concepts are en vogue this season, and bathroom and linen closet shelves don’t have to be just a closed storage space. They can also be a charming place to let the exotic beauty of place-holding in a personal space or room be a singular story all by itself.


2. Lego Fan Liquid Soap

If you are a LEGO fan, then this one will be your favorite. Slipping a few blocks into your container will result in excellent soap dispenser. Remember to buy clear liquid soaps, so you can slip anything in.


3. apothecary jar with soaps 

The best idea for hard soaps is to place them in an apothecary jar.This is the best idea, that will make your bathroom look so expensive. A clear jar with soaps will look so stylish.


4. A Soap Hammock

This is the time in my life where I have made room to identify and delete the little things that bug me.
You are washing your hands and drip water when picking the soap up from the dish and again when replacing it.


5. Umbra Grey Flex Shower Caddy

Organize your bath essentials of all shapes and sizes with the smart design. Its silicone bands allow your larger bottles to fit securely while its four pour spouts allow you to turn almost-empty bottles upside down to get the most out of your soap!


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