10 Modern Front Door Design Home Decor

A door is the first thing guests see when they arrive, it's the last thing they contemplate after leaving, it's visited daily by the mail delivery, and it gives potential buyers something to remember the house by. An ordinary home can become "the house with the red door" with nothing more than a simple coat of paint, while a magnificent piece of architecture can rely on a unique door style to tie its exterior design together.

1. Modern Take On a Classic

Let’s start with a modern take on a classic. Smooth horizontal wood panels gain a contemporary update with a silky black handle guard that runs from top to bottom.
Architect: Stuart Silk Architects

2. A Wood Door Formed

Here’s a wood door formed from a solid sheet of veneer, integrated within matching boards that wrap around on the side and ceiling.
Architect: Sanders Pace Architecture.

3. Reach From Top To Bottom

Doors that reach from top to bottom make entryways look larger than they really are. This one is especially interesting because of how the handle guard continues sideways with room for a mail slot.
Via: Sean Myers

4. Warm Wood Panels Jump

Warm wood panels jump out from the neutral home exterior, horizontal matte black panels providing a little extra decoration.

Architect: SBCH Architects

5. Vibrant Wood Tones Add Natural

Vibrant wood tones add natural character to concrete exteriors. Here, a matching walking path further differentiates the entryway from the paved parking and patio tiles.
Architect: ONG & ONG

6. A Natural Door

In the context of an industrial exterior like this one, a natural door can have an even bolder effect. This one has a textural exterior to stand in contrast with the concrete and steel that surrounds it.
Architect: McClennan Architects

7. Classic Door

This classic door seems to float weightlessly between frameless sidelights.
Architect: Atelier M+A

8. Incorporating Artistic Glass

Incorporating artistic glass is another way to make a front door stand out. These textural sheets of glass coordinate well with the textural exterior of the home, and provide extra privacy that ordinary panels could not. Note that this door also opens on a pivot to save space on the interior.

9. Garden-facing doors

Garden-facing doors don’t need a lot of bulk, so something with glass panes like this is perfectly workable. It’s the perfect solution for an entryway with a farmhouse vibe like this one.
Designer: Jute Home

10. Oversized Atrium-Height Doors

Wow! These oversized atrium-height doors are breathtaking. Mechanized hardware allows designers to overlook the weight of the doors so the homeowners can go as big and bold as they want.
Architect: Sculp[IT]

Hopefully the above references can be an idea for you to decorate your dream home.
This door is the front of your house, of course in your home you also have to get the best touch of decoration like a bathroom. read also 10 Wooden And Rustic Bathroom Decor so that it can be an idea to decorate your bathroom.


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