10 Best Pool Designs "Best Pool Design Ideas"

We will provide some ideas for you about swimming pools that you might already have or for those of you who plan to make a swimming pool on your home page.

Here you can also find ideas to mengihasi your pool to make it look more beautiful and impressive, so you feel at home to swim in the pool that you have.

Let's look at some ideas for your swimming pool.

1. Invest on the island

This inground shape swimming pool is very slim and also clean. One of the prominent features of this pool is the built-in island, which breaks down simple shapes and provides an area to put your drinks or go out in the sun.

2. Play With Shape

This very unique swimming pool is the perfect place for swimming quickly. If your outdoor area is built on a hill and must be under the deck, or if you are working with smaller space, the Round Pool is a great way to switch from the pool view to a standard rectangular shape, and we like how the terrace above reflects circle motif.

3. Go Rustic

Barn doors that open onto a terrace from a pond house in a rural pond that is the dream of our farmhouse. We like how the pool directs our eyes right there. If only we really had a farm house.

4. Add Greenery

You don't need a lot of landscaping to make your pool look impressive. A few Italian cypresses can transform a plain pool area into a relaxing retreat.

5. Don't Let Size Stop You

If you have a smaller space but are set on building a show-stopping pool, you can still pack a lot of style punch with colorful tiles. The mosaic green hues in this inground swimming pool mimic the lush greenery while the floor cushions ensure a grounded feel, making it a lovely retreat even if you can't do laps.

6. Add Pops of Color

Gas lanterns on a double porch add a Bahamian vibe to a pool. We love how the pastel blue house is accentuated by the bolster cushions on the lounge chairs, too. Now we're dreaming of the Caribbean.

7. Find Natural Shade

If you have a lot of foliage or tree cover in your backyard, build your pool and hot tub around it to create some natural shade. It looks thoroughly enchanting.

8. Set the Scene

An all-white sitting area off to the side is a sleek background for a pool party. A raffia roof hanging over the deck makes it feel nice and private, too.

9. Maintain Angular

You can be happy to do a lap in this pool every day. If you like the appearance of a swimming pool with a rectangular shape but you also want something a little more offbeat, geometric shapes like this can be an idea that you can consider.

10. Add Magic Mosaic

One way to make water access easy and without having to walk on grass, you can add mosaic tiles. The tile is functional, and has a good aesthetic grille.


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